Short-Term Rental Design

Get more bookings and attract quality guests quickly, by designing a 5-star rental

Is working with an interior designer a good investment for my listing? 

Guests aren’t just looking for a home with "room for eight to sleep comfortably". They are looking for a specific experience that is more exclusive than when they are at home. You have to design for how the home needs to function as a rental.


I can "stage" it myself...

If you're reading this, you think you can but if you could you would. Maybe you're busy or just not skilled in that area. Interior design may not be your thing, but it's ours. Specifically interior design for vacation home rentals. We pay attention to the little things guests will notice, and I think people appreciate that kind of luxury in a home. That home can be your 5-star listing.


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You want to get this listing up as soon as possible. You could D-I-Y, waste time AND money or you could hire someone with years of experience and all the tips and tricks to get your 5-star listing up and running ASAP! Working with an interior designer who specializes in vacation rentals is an effective and fast way to make changes that will have an impact, but things take time (4-6 weeks).

This isn't just plopping random furniture you had laying around in an empty rental. Our 6-week process delivers a well-designed listing with an increased return on investment (ROI) of 20%. 


STR Design Services

"5-Star Rental" package*
"Rental Makeover" package 
 "DIY Host" package
Design Concept + Space Planning
Product Ordering and Shipping Management
Furnishing Assembly and Setup
Stocking unit w/STR specific items (smart locks, linens, kitchenware, bathroom and cleaning supplies)
Listing Photography
Post-Deep Cleaning
All design packages have a minimum design budget of $6,000 for the purchase of furnishings and accessories.

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