Full-Service Interior Design

Fuss-free, stress-fee, flat-fee

Design may not be your thing but you enjoy a well-designed space. You work hard and you don't mind paying for what you want. As you should. You deserve to enjoy the space you're in. 

This is our concierge level of interior design service. We design, handle all orders, oversee the renovation and/ or installation of your entire project while you relax.


Just sit back, tell us what you like and watch your vision come to life. If you're not sure what you like, that's okay. , We'll figure it out together. You'll walk into a space that reflects everything you knew and never knew you wanted!



A 15-minute discovery call will allow us to identify your design needs for overall look, signature style and space utilization. This is your chance to let us know what bugs you about your space, what you love and what changes you want to see.


During the in-home consultation, we'll talk about your project, expectations and vision for your space. We will go through your design questionnaire and discuss scope of work, time frame and budget.



We will take measurements and photos of the space(s) and address any specifics that need to be considered. Through our collaborative online platform, your designer will share the overall design concept for your space; which will include a floor plan/ furniture layout, color scheme, style, furniture, fabrics, finishes and accessories for your space. 


Once the design concept is approved, the fun part begins! We will start sourcing all items for your space. A purchase list will be drafted based on design plans. This list will consist of the needed materials, furniture and accessories to bring your design to life.

You will be sent a purchase order invoice. We will coordinate delivery and shipping of items, warehousing, and follow-up with vendors before the installation phase begins.


This is where all of your dreams become a reality. We will coordinate and schedule a date for your project installation based on item delivery dates. Our team installs all the furnishings, art, and accessories that you fell in love with. 

Most installs take 3-5 days, depending on the scope of work. You will be able to see how all the details come together and appreciate the full effect of our design and collaboration together. 

Full-Design service has a minimum design budget of $6,000 for the purchase of furnishings and accessories.

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