What is a good design budget?

I get this question ALL the time. You're looking into hiring a design professional and you're not sure what to say your budget is.

You're scared to say a number that's too low and you don't want to say that you're willing to spend more than you have to. So you ask for a recommended budget.

A good budget is simply an investment that you're willing to make. If you're hiring someone to design a space for you, you are investing in a service that will result in a better outcome than if you did it yourself.

How much are you willing to pay for that?

Here are 3 things to consider when coming up with a "good" design budget for your next design project:

1. Design Quality vs. Design Quantity

Are you looking for items you can keep, move and reuse or is it just for a set period of time? If you need durability then you would want to spend more for quality items. If you're more concerned with getting as much done as possible then working with a designer that can optimize your budget will be important to you.


Furnishing your new apartment vs. your investment property

Choosing favors for your birthday celebration vs. favors for a networking event with prospective clients

2. Design Frequency

Do you plan on going all out this one time or are you open to tackling things one at a time? If this is just something you're interested in doing at the moment, then you may want to lower your budget to prepare for your next big project.


Hiring a designer for a few rooms vs. your entire home

Hiring a designer for your 33rd birthday party vs. your 40th birthday party

3. Design End Goal

At the end of the day, your end goal should drive your spending decisions. If you care more about staying in budget, then you want to choose an amount that you are comfortable with. If you care more about your end result, then you may want to spurge on certain items, and in that case add a little room in your budget.

Do you care more about staying in budget or walking into a well-designed space? 

A "good" budget is relative and all depends on your individual design needs.
Not sure where to start on your next design project?