Space Planning is NOT Optional!

The truth is a well-designed space doesn't happen by accident. You HAVE to think through every detail otherwise you'll make costly mistakes, and waste your time designing and redesigning. If you want to spend more time enjoying your space and less time trying to fix what went wrong...keep reading.

Space Planning is the foundation to a well-designed space. Before you pull the trigger on any purchases, create a plan for your space, that's functional and to scale. 


Interior Design - Example #1

space planning case study

Take this room for example, the sofa set is way too big for this living area. This client reached out for a 30-minute email consultation. Her dilemma:

 "What would you do to make this space better? Our new couches just came today and I’m lost on where to go next"

What probably happened is that she walked into the furniture store, saw a sofa set she loved and placed her order. That's it. No pre-planning work done, just going off "vibes". If this sounds like how you furnish your space, put your card now and do these 3 steps before you make any major purchases:

  1. Measure your space (Width x Length x Height)
  2. Take a picture or video of your space. Make note of any doors, entryways, outlets or anything that can't be blocked off
  3. Take a picture of your flooring and wall colors

On a piece of paper or online if you're tech-savvy, create a floorplan to scale. This should be pretty easy to do. If you know how to draw basic shapes, then you'll be fine.

Since this client already bought her furniture, I had to work with what she had. This arrangement below, was the best layout plan for her space.

  • It didn't block the entryway (front door)
  • Left room in front of the windows for curtains
  • Gave a good view of the tv wall to all seats
  • I included a large floor plant to fill up the awkward space in the corner


If she had planned her space beforehand, she would have been able to seat more people in the same amount of space by purchasing smaller accent chairs and a narrower sofa.
When you plan your space beforehand, shopping for items become more of a plug-and-play process. You can create different arrangements until you find the perfect one that works for you and how you live in that space. When you begin making purchases, you know what major items you need in your space, the size of items that can fit and where they are going to go.


This helps you avoid making costly mistakes and save you time


Event Design - Example #2

Now, on to space planning for your event. It is very important that you think about how you're going to utilize the space before you book a venue. If you have a limited budget, then obviously you need to be mindful of getting a blank canvas venue that would need a lot of decor to transform the space.

 Here we have a venue for an event that I am designing. As you can see it's spacious with tall ceilings and pretty bare. The good thing is that this event has a guest count of about 150 people. This is helpful because we can fill up most of the room with guest tables. 

Width x Length: We will be working with 72" round tables and these seat 10 people. So that's at least 15 round tables spread throughout the room. 

Backdrop: This venue is about 7,000 sq. ft. in total. The usual backdrop span for most events is about 8ft. With a venue this size we're going to have to double that to make it a real focal point when guests walk in. 

Height: The ceilings in this venue are 20 feet tall. Which means we need to take up space vertically with the decor as well. 

This is what my client had in mind. White paper chinese lanterns hung from the rafters. Unfortunately, that is not in her budget due to the labor cost.

As an alternative I came up with a floating balloon ceiling and uplighting. This design plan still fills up the vertical space but at a fraction of the cost. It is also easier and quicker to setup and breakdown so she does not have to book extra time from the venue.


Luckily she booked with an amazing budget-optimized designer (me!), so we were able to come up with a great space plan that works with the venue and her budget.


Need some help with space planning? Send me a note, I got you :)